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Android App: Programming Ideas 2

When creating programming tutorials I'm always trying to come up with interesting programming challenges to test your skills. Whilst browsing the play store I came across an app built to help with this.

Programming Ideas 2 is the updated version of Programming Ideas, an app designed to give you good ideas for projects to complete to improve your proficiency in a particular programming language.

The app includes over 145 ideas which can be completed in most widely used programming languages (C#, Java, Go, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP are the examples given on the play store page). These ideas vary in difficulty from beginner challenges such as calculating the distance between two cities to expert challenges like building a fully fledged content management system like Joomla. Also included in the app is a form to suggest an idea, a good feature to crowd source content for the app which I'll be making use of.

Completing small projects and working up to larger ones is, in my o…