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Get great web hosting with this new way to support Computing Tutor

You can now use our Siteground affiliate link to get great web hosting and support Computing Tutor at the same time!

Why do I use Siteground? Their support is better I first used Siteground when setting up my first public website as it was recommended to me by a relative. The principle reason for them recommending Siteground was the excellent support they received. I now host on Siteground and when I had a problem with the configuration of SSL on my site their support team took just 11 minutes to get back to me with a solution.

Their servers are loads almost instantly. That's thanks to Siteground using SSD's on all their plans and the latest speed technologies.

Their security is better When your website is hosted with Siteground, you can get a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. If your processing transactions through you website, or asking users to enter sensitive data on your website an SSL certificate is vital to connect users…