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How to complete your A-Level coursework and enhance your CV at the same time

I've just obtained an A grade in the coursework component of my Computing A-Level writing it in Java, a language I'd never programmed in before. Initially I was hesitant about taking this approach to my coursework, but with the right support and attitude to the project, it can really pay off. Background I first started learning to code in year 9 using Python 2 on my Raspberry Pi. Towards the end of year 12 I'd spent about 3 years programming in an exclusively procedural style in Python (with a bit of HTML/CSS on the side). This meant when I had to start thinking about my NEA project, I'd only been exposed to a single programming paradigm in one language and had very few interesting options in terms of project ideas.

As I have an Android phone and am interested in programming, I'd thought about learning to write apps for it before. The NEA turned out to be the perfect opportunity to learn a few things involved with doing this:
OOP in JavaHow to use Android Studi…