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How To: Organise your lecture/school notes

TL;DR Your lower school teachers had a point with those exercise books...
Throughout my GCSE, A-Level and University studies so far I've tried organising my notes in a variety of ways. Now, at university, I think I've settled on a way that works for me. If you're still struggling to effectively manage your notes you might find this useful.

So let's get straight into my "method" then. For the purposes of this post I'll talk about notes I take at university but you can easily apply this to GCSE, A-level or anything else you need to take notes for.

To begin to organise a collection of items (each of the pages of notes that you take) you need some way of categorising them. Like most people I know I categorise notes by the module of study they were taken for. At A-level I organised notes based on what module and subject they were taken for and at university I do it based on what module I take them for - not much change there.

The real change came wh…

Thoughts on using Kotlin to teach programming

Kotlin, initially announced in July 2011, is now fast replacing my use of Java for Android development. In this post I'll consider whether Kotlin could and should replace Java as a teaching language option at GCSE and A-Level. Background I first became aware of Kotlin in the Spring/Summer of 2017. At the time I'd just finished writing my first Android application in Java for the AQA A-Level computing project. I became aware of Kotlin because Google had just announced that Kotlin would become an officially supported language for Android development. A few months later, Android Studio 3.0 was released. This version of the IDE was the first to include native support for Android development with Kotlin, although support had been available previously through the installation of a plugin. But why have I begun to use this new(ish) language over good old Java? What benefits does Kotlin bring to the table, not just for developing Android apps, but for teaching procedural…